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High Tech Retribalization

High Tech Retribalization:  a view from the Grey Area Hotlist

Thu Dec 18, 2008 at 03:30:33 PM PST

I left the United States in 1996 and drove to Belize, Central America.  I left the United States for many reasons.  First and foremost was because of Racism. The second reason, related to the first, is that my life had been threatened directly by the Grand Cyclops of the N.C. Klan.

I published a weekly rag named Multi-Cultural Digest in 1995 which caused controversy in Asheville, North Carolina.  The controversy centered on the front page of our premier copy, a old black and white photograph of a white man and a black woman holding hands. The man wearing a cowboy hat with gun in his belt held hands with his wife, a black woman with apron and bonnet who held a Bible in her other hand. I sub-captioned the picture "Nothing New Under the Sun".  This created a stir locally and caused the KKK to lure me into a meeting with their leader, wherein my life was threatened by his associate, introduced to me as Horace Greeley. (go figure)

Within weeks after this meeting I was in attendance of a national gathering of performance artists in Black Mountain, North Carolina. (I am a Poet)  The gathering was hosted by Alternate Roots. During the week long conference there were many main performances scheduled.  One performance in particular caused a great stir amongst the attendees.  The controversy was centered on a one man (white man) skit. The skit involved the performer wearing a two foot long card board black penis, while his other character brandished a real shotgun (not loaded I presume). Fear and indignation was ignited amongst the crowd for different reasons.  A walk out by the Black attendees ensued.  Because of the walk out and refusal to participate further in the conference by Black artists, a emergency meeting was called.  What resulted from the meeting was that the director of the Peoples Institute was flown in to facilitate a conflict resolution.  . 
Ron Chisom

In the 1970s Ron recognized that economic exploitation is typically organized and sustained by a racial hierarchy that is personally internalized and institutionally perpetuated. Importantly, he understood that most organizers did not know how to undo their racism and subsequently extended the racial fault lines into causes such as the women’s rights movement, the environmental movement, and other initiatives to empower local people to create change. As a result, these movements are fractured but the racial hierarchy within them is strong.

This matter is complicated by the fact that the best training in effective organizing actually perpetuates the problem. In the 1950s and 1960s, Ron was apprenticed by several legendary community organizers including Saul Alinsky, but in the mid-1970s he decided to correct a consistent problem with those who work to empower American communities. Most community organizers were trained in political analysis and organizing techniques but did not understand the history and practices that support racism. In Ron’s words, “Community organizer trainings usually focus on tactics and skills but giving organizers more skills without teaching them how to deal with racism was just making them more skilled racists.” When this happens, organizers often practice gate-keeping—the practice of deciding who will have access to knowledge and opportunities that rightfully belong to disempowered people.

Ron has since been recognized internationally for his work as a community organizer/anti-racist activist. 
My attendance at this gathering became a pivotal experience for me as an Anti-Racist Activist. In fact, after the presentation by Ron Chisom, he invited me to participate in the Peoples Institute's National gathering of community organizers in Mississippi the following month.  Well, I took the invitation very serious and in fact was one of the organizers of the Million Man March, which was scheduled two weeks after the Black Mountain incident.  While in attendance at the Million Man March I found my way to the Grant Memorial and was standing below the statute when I turned and found myself face to face with Ron Chisom!  Sufficed to say, with a million to one odds Ron and I became spiritually bonded.  Ron became my mentor. 
Two weeks later I was again with Ron at the Peoples Institutes national gathering.  My memory of that gathering stands out.  The issue of the color gradient within the African American identity became a conference issue.  I remember feelings from my childhood surface again.  Being mixed, it was said during a heated exchange meant that bi-racial persons were confused.  That bi-racial individuals who embraced that identity were betraying the identity of being a Black American.  My consternation at this comment caused me to speak out loudly. "I cannot hate my white side no more than I can hate my Black side"..."My self identity should be inclusive of all the racial parts that created me"...."My self esteem is based on self-identity"  "My self-identity is a Person of Color".  

I remember being approached after that exchange by Joseph Brandt who was in attendance.  Joe thanked me for bringing up the issue of the color gradient and wondered outloud why the issue seemed taboo at previous conferences.

Dismantling Racism: The Continuing Challenge To White America.

   Barndt, Joseph. Minneapolis, MN: Augsburg Fortress, 1991.


       Addresses the issues facing white Americans of dismantling and deconstructing racist privilege. Clarifying a number of important issues, from personal to institutional to cultural racism, Brandt also addresses racism in the church. Recommended to anyone working in the field of social justice and social diversity as well as those trying to understand what the issues and roles of white Americans are concerning race and racism. Non-threatening, it does not attack or try to promote guilt, but does call for some critical thinking and evaluation.

I was tired of being Grey in a black and white society.  The Grey area of racial categories in the United States for me has always been blurred.  I am bi-racial.  Born in 1958 when mix marriage was illegal in most States, I was thereby involuntarily born an outlaw in this society.  

With the recent election of Barack Hussien Obama as the First African American President (?)



Adler, D. (1987) Thomas Jefferson: Father of our Democracy. New York: Holiday House.

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Rogers, J. (1965) Sex and Race. St. Petersburg, FL: Helga Rogers Publishing

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Whitney, T. (1975) The Descendants of the Presidents. Charlotte, NC: Delmar Printing Co.

I have become even more sensitive to the race issue in the United States.  Barack Obama is aImmigrant African American.  Most African Americans are non-immigrants.  A category that has not been explored in depth.  The most signifant difference between the Obama experience and that of most African Americans is the dynamic of the neurosis of internalized inferiority.

This fascinating phrase comes from the book of Frantz Fanon, “Black Skin White Masks.” Fanon, the black psychiatrist from Martinique and author of the classic “The Wretched of the Earth,” diagnoses the neurosis of wanting-to-be-white as a product of the internalization of colonial subjugation. “If there is an inferiority complex,” Fanon writes, “it is the outcome of a double process: primarily, economic; subsequently, the internalization—or, better, the epidermalization—of this inferiority.”

 Internalized superiority also exists on the bifurcation of this neurosis...

Barack Obama did not suffer the direct impact of the Willie Lynch syndrome.  His racial identity formation resulted from his formative years being lived outside of mainstream America. In fact, only in the United States and South Africa are you born with a racial category affixed to your identity at birth.  Obama was not raised in the United States.  This calls to mind the unique upbringing of Obama.  Ever notice that many of the thought leaders of the African American experience historically are Immigrant African Americans or spent years outside of the United States?  

High-Tech Retribalization.  Having left the United States after the Peoples Institute experience, (I actually stayed in New Orleans and trained with Ron after the National gathering of the Peoples Institute) and now tucked away in the jungles of Belize, I became convinced that the organizing capabilities of peoples movements must be centered on the ability to communicate. (this especially included the ability to universalize the definition of Racism) While globalization was gaining it's corporate foothold worldwide, I became convinced that social change agents must be armed with the ability to coordinate efforts.  Thus, High Tech Retribalization became my Vision...

I subsequently left Belize and found my way to New York City in quest of realizing my Vision.  I arrived in New York City on September 10, 2004.  Right past midnight I was on stage at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. 
Now, September 11th, I proceeded to perform this poem:  

 State of Emergency 
Some weeks before the September 11th attack 
America came back from a International Conference on Racism 
in Durban S. Africa.

In fact, America walked out,  Which leaves no doubt 
that blaming the victim is truly one major symptom of our many sicknesses.

So, in a State of Emergency, we should recall 911 
and we will see the emerging deniability to the United State of Mind 
call racism, something we can longer shun

Nor the reality of others who've victimized by our own patriotic guns 
ablaze as silent weapons used upon the death, blind and dumb.

Personally, I've become despondent over recent events 
and the messages of hate that we reciprocate 
continuously being sent.

And the subsequent response of million dollar bombs 
launched against ten dollar tents 
while anthrax mail was delivered for 34 cents 
for who knows whose premise

As we suffer 24/7 sounds bytes of the so-called Muslim menace 
and we maintain these fertile grounds for subliminal sounds of hate 
can we negate the thoughts?

Civil Liberties for all will be lost as freedom is tossed to and fro 
the cost of Liberty now risen to who knows what price 
of invasion of human lives by the righteous satellites of the moral right

While rockets are used by psychotics who define what is patriotic 
and Racism, maintains its stamp of approval

Like a mirage thats been sent through economics of Voodoo 
and who do you side with? while the end is decided by silent wars 
as mainstream media so graciously keeps score 
and all the points lead towards a universal war 
between the have and have nots, for the have mores.

So what is left for one to think 
when reality is distinct about how lowly we sink 
in denial of the truth, 
which is:  The Chickens did truly come home to roost.

Yet we continue to profile and maintain our denials that we 
US  are the ones who dialed 911....EMERGENCY! 

All of this sharing of my story brings me to the point:  I have designed a software that will enable advancement of communications. (and undermine MSM) There is a technological convergence going on.  All devices will have the same content.  Television, PCs and Phones.  I have created a platform by which user-generated content will blossom. 
I have a story and a vision to share with you.  Presently I am involved in the development of a Social Media software that will be the template for Anti-Racism.Tv - SpokenWord.Tv - Poetry.Tv.  This open portal platform will combine user-generated content with premium content produced and showcased on the homepage.  This is a media rich software.  I will be candid with you, we hope to push the paradigm shift further by providing a platform for live video communications and a full media production cycle online.  We combine all the social networking widgets, with media storage, online video editing suite, customize video players with embed coding, video emails, live chat rooms, live broadcaster, live Presenter/with interactive white-board.  These tools are provided to the communities and members we host free of charge.

The problem:  I cannot find any takers to invest.  I have a finished prototype (so we know it can work!)  Anti-Racism.Tv is dedicated as a social enterprise. (501(c)3) but it has proved difficult to explain and obtain funding.  This sounds like a solicitation but it is not, I am still on the quest for a High Tech Retribalization...

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Change We Can Believe In

Sarah Palin is Preparing for 2012 Presidential Run   Hotlist

Sat Jan 03, 2009 at 11:13:07 AM PST

I awoke this morning following my most recent routine of checking my twitter feeds @FriendFeed. (not a New Years Resolution but a recent obsession)  I used to check my emails first!  This morning I decided to use the TweekDeck service to see if I recieved any replies to my reachout to invite responders to my New Blog.  Be Cultural.    Part of this new routine is to search keywords on Tweekdeck to follow conversations accross the Twitter World.  I got one reply:

ylove @bcultral "any more info on your anti-racist social media project...I'm mad down and I know other Jewish rappers who would be too". about 15 hours ago from TweetDeck in reply to bcultral

As a Community Organizer and Anti-Racist Activist I am obsessed with the issue of Racism.  I have been afflicted with this obsession  since birth and even more so when my life was threatened by KKK Racists some years ago in North Carolina.  It was then that I decided to leave this Country.  (please see my article)

High Tech Retribalization:  a View from the Grey Area

This morning my search under keyword racism turned up the name Sarah Palin.  I was shocked. Never in my wildest imagination would I have expected to see that name pop up in my search of racism. Well 2012Palin (twitter username) was sending out messages to her Twitter followers. (I thought)

The Twitter message read "Hoe Capitalism Defeats Racism: A group of Researchers at Brown have found that market forces pushed banks which ..

My first thought was Hoe Capitalism? What is that? Some type of Imus connection? So I clicked on the link and was brought to a article.  Actually I was brought to a website: Conservatives for Palin

I became excited with this juicy insight into Sarah Palins twitter feeds.  I made a few phone calls and sent out a few emails.  I did not get any responses to my emails nor was I able to reach anyone by phone but my Father.  My Father is not very excitable but this got him going.  He suggested I contact Keith Olberman.  I hung up the phone and just sat here and pondered what I could do with this information and how I could best get this information to the public.  After thinking about it for awhile I thought I should further explore the situation.  I went back to the  Tweekdeck source and started to scroll back and check each link in each twitter feed from 2012Palin.  I started at the beginning twitter and started to click on each link.  What the links took me to were various blogs and one consistent website:  Conservatives for Sarah

These are what turns out to be news feeds from 2012Palin:

Stroumboulopoulos interviews Palin: 
Fri 02 Jan 06:51

Sarah Palin Lives Next Door (NBC Connecticut): Nope, that's not a joke about Russia -- Palin's the celeb most Am.. 
Fri 02 Jan 06:54

Americans Would Love To Have Sarah Palin As A Neighbor: Sarah Palin and chat show host Oprah Winfrey. But troubl.. 
Fri 02 Jan 07:13

Progressive Alaska: Camille Conte and Sarah Palin Receive National ...: When Sarah Palin stumbled onto the natio.. 
Fri 02 Jan 07:13

Hoe Capitalism Defeats Racism: A group of Researchers at Brown have found that market forces pushed banks which .. 
Fri 02 Jan 09:54

Governor Sarah Palin Toilet Paper | Foolish Gadgets: Only in good ol' America can you poke fun at your elected r.. 
Fri 02 Jan 10:16

Michael Stickings: Comparing Sarah Palin to Margaret Thatcher is ...: Michael Stickings: Contrary to what rightw.. 
Fri 02 Jan 10:16

Princess Caroline being demoted to Senator?: Governor may be leaning toward KennedyALBANY, N.Y. - Officials say .. 
Fri 02 Jan 12:55

Palin welcomes grandson, daughter discourages teen pregnancy (AFP via Yahoo! News): Alaska Governor and former R.. 
Fri 02 Jan 12:59

CBS Doesn't Think Sarah Palin Should Defend Her Daughter: CBS is at it again.The Network that gave us Dan Rather.. 
Fri 02 Jan 13:11

The Palins: Sarah Palin's New Year's Eve Dropout Tirade: American queen Sarah Palin spent her New Year's.. 
Fri 02 Jan 13:25

Cele|bitchy » Blog Archive » Sarah Palin defends her daughter and ...: Celebitchy is a gossip and entertainment .. 
Fri 02 Jan 13:25

ADN starting to lose it: Just like the New York Times, the LA Times and all the rest of the "old media" ... will.. 
Fri 02 13:53

Natural Gas Consumption in Europe: Playing in with Russia's actions in the Ukraine, it should be understood that.. 
Fri 02 15:54

Bristol: Pregnancy wasn't 'ideal' - Andy Barr - Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and her daught.. 
Fri 02 16:24

Online Bookies have Governor Palin as top GOP choice for 2012': From the,Palin is odds-on favorite to w.. 
Fri 02 17:52

CBS whining about Governor Palin: Remember when Brian Williams cried about having to wait so long for an intervi.. 
Fri 02  17:52

RELAX! Focus On What We Are Here For: Bill Collier- TS MOD. OK folks, just so you know, I am fully aware of i.. 
Fri 02 17:52

Palin welcomes grandson, daughter discourages teen pregnancy (AFP via Yahoo! News): Alaska Governor and former R.. 
Fri 02 18:54

The Net Zero Gas Tax: Charles Krauthammer was just on Special Report (Fox News) to explain the idea of the "net .. 
Fri 02 19:54

Democrat Governors: We Need A Bailout Too: And the "bearded tax freak" himself is there hat in hand:In order to .. 
Fri 02  19:54

The Recent "Framing" Attempt: Bill Collier Community Governance Adviser- Team Sarah I want to let everyone kno.. 
Fri 02 22:03 | News - Sarah Palin: "We Are Over the Moon" About ...: US vice presidential nominee Sa.. 
Fri 02 23:07

Sarah Palin: 'Over the Moon' About New Grandson at The Insider: If you wanted us to lay off the kids, th.. 
Fri 02 23:07

"Guy in the Neighborhood" Gets New Gig: as a contributor to the Huffington Post ...H/T to AcesCheck out Aces for.. 
Fri 02 23:53

Governor Welcomes International Diplomats: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE No. 09-002 Governor Palin Welcomes Internationa.. 
Fri 02 23:53

Well after following these links and realizing that many of them went directly to Conservatives for Palin (11 of them),  I realized I actually had mistaken the 2012Palin Twitter username as belonging to Sarah Palin.  What a let down!  I thought I had the inside poop in observing what was actually some type of News Feed.  Dissapointed now but sensing I was on to something I went back and searched Sarah Palins name on Twitter. I thought I was following twitter protocol by not leaving spaces and this resulted:

6 results in 0.091 seconds Name results for: SarahPalin 

Search for a username, first or last name

Did you mean sarahpalinfeed ?

SarahPalin / Sarah Palin News News about Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska and Former Republican Vice Presidential Candidate - Unofficial Twitter 
1,214 followers · from Alaska · updated about 4 hours ago

SarahPalin_ / SarahPalin_ I'm a Mom, Wife, Conservative Leader of The Free World 
12 followers · from Alaska DC!!!!!! · updated 12:28 AM Sep 24th, 2008





Wow I thought.  I really made a mistake. This could not be "the Sarah Palin".   My earlier revelation under the racism search was not Sarah Palin but someone acting under her name sending out newsfeeds.  Boy what a dummy.  Disappointed and now questioning myself, realizing I had awakened to a wild goose chase.  This humbled me and brought a bit of self shame.  Yet I could feel something was official about this newsfeed.  Alot of those links kept going to Conservatives for Sarah page which looked pretty official.  Somehow 2010Palin was connected directly to Sarah Palin, somehow.  So I decided to give it one more try and put the proper name in twitter search.  Jackpot!

Name results for: Sarah Palin 
Search for a username, first or last name

Sarah_Palin / For Sarah Palin Sarah Palin: Hockey Mom Who Turned Alaska's Political Establishment Upside Down 
5,171 followers · updated about 6 hours ago

SarahPalin / Sarah Palin News News about Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska and Former Republican Vice Presidential Candidate - Unofficial Twitter 
1,214 followers · from Alaska · updated about 4 hours ago

PalinPalooza / Sarah Palin Palooza Express your support for Sarah Palin on Twitter! 
501 followers · updated 11:03 AM Oct 26th, 2008

vppalin / Sarah Palin VP Vice President of the United States of America 
181 followers · from Alaska · updated 12:09 AM Oct 18th, 2008

fuxara / fux sarah palin F#ck Sarah Palin 
100 followers · from USA · updated 5:39 PM Dec 5th, 2008

hockeymom64 / Sarah Palin Todd's wife 
92 followers · from Wasilla, AK · updated 5:34 PM Oct 30th, 2008

governorpalin / Sarah Palin Governor of Alaska 
66 followers · from Akaska ( Next to Russia) · updated 10:27 PM Oct 15th, 2008

PalinForPrez / Sarah Palin I accept the nomination for Vice President of the United States. 
62 followers · updated 4:41 PM Dec 18th, 2008

pro_palin / Pro Sarah Palin i´m a german Fan of McCain and Sarah Palin. I readhttp://readmylipsticknetwork.blogspo..., 
55 followers · from Berlin, Germany · updated 9:47 PM Nov 2nd, 2008

palinsucks / Sarah Palin Sucks  Mother, Moose Hunter, Maverick 
40 followers · updated 3:51 PM Dec 16th, 2008

Sarah_H_Palin / Sarah_H_Palin 
22 followers · updated 10:19 AM Sep 15th, 2008

palinsara / Sarah Palin 
6 followers · from Alaska · updated 4:32 PM Oct 1st, 2008

Sarah_Palin_ / Sarah_Palin_ 
7 followers · updated 12:19 PM Sep 18th, 2008

WinkingMaverick / Sarah Palin I told the Congress, 'Thanks, but no thanks,' on that Bridge to Nowhere. 
1 follower · from Wasilla, Alaska · updated 12:37 AM Nov 5th, 2008

sarahpalinfans / sarah palin fans sarah palin fans 
0 followers · from sarah palin fans · updated 7:43 PM Oct 30th, 2008

potus45 / Sarah Palin I'm comin' back to Washington, you betcha! 
0 followers · from Wasilla, Alaska · updated 7:43 PM Nov 17th, 2008


Wow again!  Wow and overwhelming.  I really made a mistake thinking I had come upon the lone Twitter username of the genuine Sarah Palin.  This was way too much.  But then I looked again harder at the "followers" of these different Sarah Palin usernames.  How could I have made such a blunder in my thinking.  Sarah_Palin had 5,171 followers.  Twitter only allows 2000 followers per username.  So I had found the "real" Sarah Palin.  Or had I?  It dawned on me that perhaps her well wishers and/or auxilary support team were making use of multiple username versions of Sarah Palin for different purposes.  I guess I was not awake when I saw the Racism search results that included 2012Palin.  So I did a search of Sarah_Palin on Twitter and from the messages being sent to the Gov, I realized that Sarah_Palin was the actual personal Twitter for Sarah Palin. And with all the others came the realization that Sarah Palin uses multiple usernames for multiple reasons.  I also realize by the bio links that there was a consistent destination.  That being Conservatives for Sarah Palin.

First on the list was
Sarah_Palin / For Sarah Palin Sarah Palin: Hockey Mom Who Turned Alaska's Political Establishment Upside Down 
5,171 followers · updated about 6 hours ago 
Name For Sarah Palin 
Bio Sarah Palin: Hockey Mom Who Turned Alaska's Political Establishment Upside Down                                                      

Second on the list was
SarahPalin / Sarah Palin News News about Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska and Former Republican Vice Presidential Candidate - Unofficial Twitter 
1,214 followers · from Alaska · updated about 4 hours ago

Name Sarah Palin News 
Location Alaska 
Bio News about Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska and Former Republican Vice Presidential Candidate - Unofficial Twitter

Third on the list was
PalinPalooza / Sarah Palin Palooza Express your support for Sarah Palin on Twitter! 
501 followers · updated 11:03 AM Oct 26th, 2008

Name Sarah Palin Palooza 
Bio Express your support for Sarah Palin on Twitter!

Fourth on the list was
vppalin / Sarah Palin VP Vice President of the United States of America 
181 followers · from Alaska · updated 12:09 AM Oct 18th, 2008

Name Sarah Palin VP 
Location Alaska 
Web http://gov.state.... 
Bio Vice President of the United States of America

2012Palin / 2012Palin For fans wanting to follow Sarah Palin right into the Oval Office in 2012! Click above link to order the Sarah Palin Book! 
78 followers · from Alaska, USA · updated 25 minutes ago

Name 2012Palin 
Location Alaska, USA 
Bio For fans wanting to follow Sarah Palin right into the Oval Office in 2012! Click above link to order the Sarah Palin Book!

Conservatives for Sarah Palin page revealed somethng extraordinary. First I could not find any information from Whois concerning the domain owner/registrant except:

Domain name:

Registrant Contact: 
  Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc. 
  Whois Agent () 
  PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St - F1 
  Bellevue, WA 98007 

Administrative Contact: 
  Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc. 
  Whois Agent ( 
  Fax: +1.4256960234 
  PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St - F1 
  Bellevue, WA 98007 

Technical Contact: 
  Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc. 
  Whois Agent ( 
  Fax: +1.4256960234 
  PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St - F1 
  Bellevue, WA 98007 

Status: Locked

Name Servers: 
Creation date: 01 Dec 2008 19:01:26 
Expiration date: 01 Dec 2009 19:01:26

The menu list of LINKS on Conservatives for Sarah Palin are the following links:

  * The Economist 
   * The Corner 
   * Let's Get It Right 
   * Mitt Romney 
   * America Needs Sarah Palin 
   * Sarah's Full Court Press 
   * Sarah Palin for President                               
   * Conservative Badlands 
   * Robert Verdi 
   * Manly's Republic 
   * Sarah Palin          DIRECT TO GOVERNOR OFFICE                                 
   * Jon Huntsman Jr.     DIRECT TO GOVERNOR OFFICE         
   * The Cato Institute 
   * American Enterprise Institute 
   * FOX Business 
(this site is not active / link is mispelled) 
   * Rush Limbaugh 
   * Mark Levin

Three of the sites listed on the menu at Conservatives for Palin are Controlled and maintained by 
Josh Painter

  Josh Painter was born in Louisiana and grew up there and in Houston, TX in the 50s and 60s. He has a degree in broadcast journalism and worked in that business for twenty years. Disgusted with the bias in most newsrooms, he changed careers and was an Information Technology professional for another twenty years until his recent retirement. A long-time Democrat until "Reagan and Rush changed my way of thinking," Josh became politically active when he got involved in the Draft Fred Thompson grassroots movement. He began blogging for Fred and was managing six blogs at once, including the now-inactive Josh currently has three blogs - Mainstream Conservative, Gov. Sarah Palin for President & The Book of Sarah. He's also a regular contributor at Josh enjoys restoring classic motorcyles and listening to jazz, country and southern rock music.  My Blogs

Mainstream Conservative 
Conservative Web Brigade 
Sarah Palin for President 
The Book of Sarah

News feeds for these links come through: Village of Glen Oaks Blogs

Live Traffic Feed 
Top Glen Oaks Blogs 
 Glen Oaks, New York arrived on "Conservatives For Palin: How Capitalism Defeats Racism" 
 Glen Oaks, New York left "Conservatives For Palin: How Capitalism Defeats Racism" via 
 Glen Oaks, New York left "Conservatives For Palin: How Capitalism Defeats Racism" via 
 Babylon, New York left "Conservatives For Palin" via 
 Columbus, New Jersey left "Conservatives For Palin" via readmylipsticknet m 
 Columbus, New Jersey left "Conservatives For Palin" via redrightandtrue.b 
 Columbus, New Jersey arrived on "Conservatives For Palin" 
 Knoxville, Tennessee arrived from on "Conservatives For Palin: '09 Palin Calendar" 
 Red Deer, Alberta left "Conservatives For Palin: Stroumboulopoulos interviews Palin" via 
 Red Deer, Alberta left "Conservatives For Palin: Stroumboulopoulos interviews Palin" via 
Watch in Real-Time 
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Given the recent death of Michael Connell  I think the Kos World needs to short circuit this Conservatives for Palin movement now!

Sorry for this long and exhaustive post.....Forgive Me......

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